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Born: 1678 in Colonial, New York
Age currently: 27
Nationality: English/ Native American
Ship Rank: Captain/ Master at Arms
Years at Sea: 14 total
Places Visited: Mediterranean Territories, Caribbean Territories, England, Japanese Archipelago, and African Ivory Coast.
Skills: Marksmanship, chart- reading, various swordsmanship styles, leadership, and mercantile skill.
Previous occupation: Merchant’s assistant with his father’s business, later to become a sell-sword (mercenary).


Born: 1681, Hispaniola (now Haiti)
Age currently: 24 years old
Nationality: Scottish/ English
Ship rank: Quartermaster/ Master Carpenter
Years at sea: 10 total
Places visited: Caribbean Territories, New World Colonies, African Ivory Coast, and possibly the Mediterranean Territories.
Skills: Pistol Marksmanship, close quarters combat, carpentry and ship repair, minor navigation skills, writing, and hunting.
Previous occupation: Worked with father as carpentry apprentice. Father fought alongside Henry Morgan; he taught Timber her combat skills.



Born: England, year unknown
Age currently: Unknown
Nationality: English
Ship Rank: Master Gunner/ Cook
Years at sea: Roughly 20 years
Places visited: Caribbean Territories, England, New World.
Skills: Cannon operation/ coordination, cooking.
Previous occupation: Tavern chef in Jamaica; forced to join his first crew as a gunner.



Born: 1683, Ireland
Age Currently: 22 years old
Nationality: Irish/ Scottish
Ship Rank: Boatswain
Years at sea: Between 8 and 9 years
Places visited: Barbary Coast, English Isles, Northern/ Eastern Africa, Caribbean Territories.
Skills: Hunting, swordsmanship, organization, writing.
Previous occupation: Supply/storage supervision/inventory management for East India Trading Company.



Born: 1683, Ireland
Age Currently: 22 years old
Nationality: Irish
Ship Rank: Carpenter
Years at sea: 8 total
Places visited: Mediterranean Territories, English Isles, Ireland/ Scotland, Germany, Caribbean Territories.
Skills: Marksmanship, carpentry
Previous Occupation: None; was forced into piracy at the age 14 years old.

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